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Build a full-stack data science project with your mentor. Learn how to write production code, get help when you’re stuck, and have regular one-on-one calls.

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Your mentor invests in you

Your mentor invests in your success through our income share agreement. Once you land a job, you'll repay your mentor a small share of your monthly salary for 12 months. If you don't land a qualifying job, you won't owe a cent.

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Beyond mentorship: get support at every step

Once your mentor says you're ready, SharpestMinds has your back during your job search.

Resume and profile review

Get expert eyes on your resume and online portfolio. We’ll work with you until they’re perfect.

Job search support

Get personalized career coaching from the SharpestMinds team. Learn how to reach out to companies effectively, and get connected to our hiring partners.

Practice interviews

Connect with other mentees for unlimited practice interviews. Form study teams, and make friendships that can last a lifetime.

Community events

Share your progress and get coached through common interview problems at twice-weekly office hour sessions, and attend seminars on job search tactics.

Salary negotiation

Get support throughout the salary negotiation process. On average, mentees have seen increases of over $3000 in base salary from salary negotiation alone.

Who this is for

You'll get the most out of SharpestMinds if:

You're planning to look for a job within the next six months
You don't currently have a technical job
You're able to commit between 10 to 40 hours a week over the next 8-12 weeks
You've completed a couple of data science projects, machine learning MOOCs, and/or CS or ML university courses
You're comfortable writing code in Python
You've built at least one data processing pipeline, even if it's simple
You're based in the United States 🇺🇸 or Canada 🇨🇦

These don't all have to be true - but the more that are, the better the chances that your application will be accepted by a mentor.

If you'd like advice on how to prepare for the program, get in touch! You can send us an email at

What mentees are saying ❤️

Omar Nada

Data Scientist at RBC

I went from zero job offers to 4 jobs offers in a couple of months. The mentee community, the networking and the technical support are second to none. This is the best platform for any data scientist that wants to grow.

Dyllan McCreary

Senior ML Engineer at Vathys (YC W18)

I have been getting messages from recruiters all over the place. You guys have completely changed my life around, went from 0 leads to recruiters seeking me out for interviews. What you have pulled off is actually amazing!!

Cheryl To

Data Scientist at ThinkData Works

My mentor helped me fine-tune my skills and worked with me to build the confidence I needed to ACE my data science interviews. He worked tirelessly to recommend me to companies for which he felt I was a good fit.

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