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The real value of a degree for aspiring data scientists

A graduate degree doesn't make you better prepared for the job market—at least, not enough to justify the cost in both time and money. Yes, you will learn a lot. But you can learn just as much—if not more—from free online courses (having a good mentor helps too). However, having a degree—the higher the better—gives you a leg up in the job market. And that's because education is valuable to employers as a signal.

What makes a good mentee?

Finding a mentor can be transformational. That's why we continually try and make it as easy as possible to do just that on SharpestMinds. But once you find the right mentor, how do you ensure that you get the most out of the experience? Here's what we've learned from our most successful pairings.

Five ways to be a better mentor

If you're setting out on a journey to mentor someone, keep in mind that your behavior will have an outsized influence and impact on the person you're mentoring.Here are 5 lessons we've learned about what makes a great mentor.

Want to break into data science? Start building

Landing a job as a data scientist, machine learning engineer, or really any kind of role writing software takes more than just math and programming knowledge. In reality, these roles require you to make hundreds of decisions every day.

What’s happened to the data science job market in the past month

In March 2020, COVID-19 hit the world economy. Here's the effect it had on data science hirings, firings, and payscales.

How to get good at behavioral interviews

The kinds of questions you'll get asked during behavioral interviews, and how to think about answering them.

How to interview at consulting companies

How is interviewing at consulting companies different from interviewing at product companies?

Confidence intervals for time series data: SharpestMinds Slack chats

A Q&A about how to do a proper train / test split with time series data.

The hardest question you've been asked in a data science interview

Our mentors and mentees discussing the hardest questions they've ever been asked in their job interviews, and how to answer them.

The problem with data science job postings

Why data science job descriptions can be so inaccurate, and how to tell which postings you should apply to.

What no one will tell you about data science job applications

Understanding the hiring process from the inside, and what it means for your application.

Quality over quantity: building the perfect data science project

How to build a project that employers will actually care about.

Do you need a graduate degree for data science?

On the value of the PhD, the Master's, and when it's time to drop out.

The cold start problem: how to build your machine learning portfolio

Stories of personal data science projects that led to job offers.

Why you shouldn’t be a data science generalist

Tips on how to focus your skills development, and find the right kind of data science job.

To get hired as a data scientist, don’t follow the herd

Getting noticed in a world of unremarkable people.

The cold start problem: how to break into machine learning

Everything you need to know to become a machine learning engineer from scratch.

Why you need a professional data science mentor, and how to actually get one.

Announcing the launch of the SharpestMinds mentorship program!

The 4 fastest ways not to get hired as a data scientist

Common resume mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your application out of the "no" pile.