"There is nothing more professionally fulfilling than helping a mentee land a job."

― Patrick Beukema

Mentor and Senior Machine Learning Engineer, DocuSign

Invest in the next generation 🌱

When you work with a mentee, they agree to pay you a percentage of their first year's salary when they get hired. When they succeed, so do you.

Work with who you want 🎯

You can always chat with mentees and interview them before committing — ensuring the person you mentor is someone you're excited to work with.

Forge bonds for a lifetime 🤝

Mentees and mentors stay in touch long after the hire. When you back someone early on, they never forget you were there from the start.

Get the backup you need ⚡️

From detailed help pages to personalized onboarding to Slack support, we're here to help you succeed. We're easily the world's most experienced team at supporting peer-to-peer ISA mentorships — and we're at your disposal 24/7.

Be free to excel 🚀

We don't force mentors to teach from a curriculum. You're free to do what's best for your mentee at every step — after all, the two of you are in this together.

👉 But before you apply:

Income-share mentoring is an amazing and rewarding experience — but it's not for everyone. The best mentors have a long-term mindset, a deep desire to help, and a willingness to bet on their own skills.

If this describes you, we'd love to hear from you. If not, no problem! We'd be happy to recommend one of the dozens of other programs that pay their mentors by the hour, regardless of outcome.

Our mentors hail from legendary companies and help each other as much as they help mentees. If you're looking for the A-Team of mentoring, you've found it. ❤️👇

Join top engineers, at the world's most iconic companies.

Become a mentor
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