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Our mentors succeed when you do―and it shows. Here's some of what mentees have to say about their mentors.

Nina Lopatina, mentor

Senior Data Scientist @ In-Q-Tel

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Nina helped prep me for a role I REALLY wanted, as well as giving me a strong recommendation that carried a lot of weight with the co in question. When we mock interviewed, she gave me excellent feedback on the ML design question that helped me crush my actual interview.

The project I worked on with Nina was also highly relevant to the company's work, and thoroughly prepared me for what I'm doing now. I now work at the company, on an excellent team, and love it! If you want to get into NLP or RL, I don't think you can find a better mentor than Nina.

Charlene Chambliss, Nina's mentee
Former psych student
Now Data Scientist @ Primer AI

Mustafa Ibrahim, mentor

Data Scientist @ OpenText

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Mustafa is a very caring and empathetic mentor. He indeed goes above and beyond to help out his mentees, especially in their early stage. Mustafa is very knowledgeable, but what makes him special is that he is very generous in terms of sharing his knowledge and providing useful advice any time he is asked. Even after our mentorship ended, we still keep in touch. Kudos to Mustafa!

Dina Jankovic, Mustafa's mentee
Former TA
Now Data Analyst at Xero

Sowmya Vajjala, mentor

Research Officer @ NRC; author of Practical Natural Language Processing

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Sowmya recommended me as a technical reviewer for her O’Reilly book on Practical NLP, giving me opportunities for industry tie-in experience, first-look at great study material, and a paying gig!

Will Scott, Sowmya's mentee
Former blacksmith (yes, really)
Now DevOps Engineer @ Xero

Kaveh Hassani, mentor

Principal AI Research Scientist @ Autodesk

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When I was preparing for my onsite interview for my current position, I checked with Kaveh for advice as from the job description it looked like a very research oriented profile and I wasn't sure where to prepare from. In what turned out to be quite a divine intervention, he had worked on the same application areas for a few years!

He shared with me the research papers that I needed to be familiar with and gave me solid advice on how to bring it up in a conversation and what to focus on when talking about! That extra edge gave me that push in the interviews which helped me land my first full time role in ML!

Karthik Subramanian, Kaveh's mentee
Former Master's student
Now ML Engineer @ IQVIA

Nathan Waters, mentor

Deep Learning Engineer, formerly @ Pixar

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Nathan always gives answers to questions that make things easier to understand and provides great resources. I also want to thank him fro working around my crazy schedule.

Rondale Williams
Former mobile engineer
Now Senior Data Scientist @ Aptive

Susan Holcomb, mentor

Former Head of Data @ Pebble

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Susan helped me craft an excellent cold email that has been invaluable not only in my job search but also in non-data science correspondence. She has been great throughout the process!

John LaGue, Susan's mentee
Former startup founder
Now Data Analyst @ PNC

Ajay Ajaal, mentor

Founder @ Junior Mentorship

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Ajay has been more like a friend to me than a mentor. He is easy to talk to, very considerate of your situation and is always available for help. He's especially impressive with his advice for interviews - how to position yourself, what to say, what keywords to mention and how to turn the conversation in your favor.

I have benefited greatly with each advice he has given and continue to do so even after nailing a job. Plus, he's a football fan and it can't get any better than that for me - in terms of connecting with a person. Overall, its been a great experience with Ajay!

Rahul Iyer, Ajay's mentee
Former mechanical engineer
Now Data Delivery Specialist @ Purolator

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